If you are looking for a reliable and durable option for replacing your missing natural teeth, then dental implants should be your first choice. Dental implants are screw-shaped metallic fixtures that are surgically placed inside the jaw bone and provide a firm foundation over which one or more artificial teeth like crowns, bridges or removable dentures can be attached.

Who can benefit from Dental Implants?

At Valley, we recommend dental implants for anyone who is looking for a permanent replacement option for their missing teeth. Here are a few cases where dental implants prove to be beneficial:

  • Single Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants – whether you have lost a tooth due to large cavities, or due to an accident, dental implants are ideal for replacing a single missing tooth. We will restore your smile and tooth function by placing an esthetically pleasing porcelain crown over the implant which exactly matches the color and shade of your teeth.
  • Multiple Teeth Replacement with Dental Implants – one of the unique features of dental implants is that a single implant can be used to replace up to 3 or 4 adjacent missing teeth. This is done by attaching a bridge to the implant with the help of an abutment. Implant supported fixed bridges provide excellent esthetics and functionality.
  • Full-Mouth Rehabilitation – for patients who have lost all the teeth in their jaw, we offer implant-supported complete fixed bridges. The best thing about these artificial teeth is that they do not require one implant for each missing tooth. Rather, we will restore all your missing teeth in your jaw with just four implants, two at the front and two at the back. This prosthesis is known as an all-on-four implant supported denture.

Getting a Beautiful Smile with Dental Implants – How It Works

Replacing your missing teeth with dental implants at Valley Dental Care is quite simple. However, the process is usually completed in multiple steps:

  • Clinical Evaluation – to begin with, our dentist, Dr. Paul Varda will perform a detailed clinical examination to assess whether you are a suitable candidate for getting implants. In addition, Dr. Varda will also evaluate the x-ray images of your teeth and decide if any other dental procedure is needed before an implant placement can be done.
  • Implant Insertion – during your next appointment, the implant will be surgically placed inside the jaws. We will administer local anesthesia to make sure that you are comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. Dr. Varda will make an incision over the soft tissue to expose the bone where the implants will be inserted. Next, a hole will be drilled inside the bone which corresponds to the thickness of the implant. Afterward, the implant will be carefully screwed into position.
  • Osseointegration – after inserting the implant, a healing cap will be placed and the surgical flap will be sutured back to its position. Dental implants have a unique ability in which they promote bone formation around in their vicinity. As a result, the implants become firmly anchored within the bone. This process is known as osseointegration, and this process usually takes up to 3-6 months.
  • Implant Loading – Once complete healing has taken place, Dr. Varda will attach a suitable prosthesis over the implant such as a crown, denture or bridge. Although implant loading is usually delayed for a few months after insertion (delayed loading), in some cases, Dr. Varda may choose to perform implant loading immediately after insertion (immediate loading).

What are the Benefits of Getting Dental Implants at Valley Dental?

Although getting your missing teeth replaced with dental implants costs more than other options like removable dentures or bridges, dental implants supported prostheses carry certain benefits which make them the most preferred tooth replacement option throughout the world. Here are few reasons why you should consider dental implants:

  • Natural Feeling – dental implants are designed such that they feel and function just like the natural teeth. Therefore, not only do they completely blend-in with the existing teeth, but they also provide a natural feeling.
  • Esthetics – highly esthetically pleasing and natural looking artificial teeth can be attached to the implants, which not only restore facial esthetics, but they also restore dental function
  • Eat anything you Like – removable dentures provide limited capability to chew foods, especially the ones which require considerable biting force. Since dental implants are firmly embedded within the bone, they restore optimal chewing capacity which allows you to enjoy all your favorite foods without having the fear of dislodging your dentures.
  • Improved Speech – another benefit of dental implants is that they restore speech capability due to excellent retention and stability. As a result, implant-supported prostheses allow you to speak confidently, and without any difficulty.
  • Durability – dental implants are made of very high quality and strong Titanium alloys. If they are looked after properly through oral hygiene maintenance and regular dental checkups, dental implants can last a lifetime, unlike removable dentures or bridges which have a limited lifespan.
  • Bone Conservation – a drawback of removable dentures is that their usage accelerates bone resorption, making the jaw bones weak and prone to fracture. In contrast, dental implants promote bone formation in their surroundings, thereby enhancing the retention, stability and clinical life of the artificial teeth they are supporting.

Caring for your Implant-Supported Prosthesis

Dental implants require the same care as natural teeth. Make sure that you brush your teeth twice a day, and floss them at least once each day. Also, visit us at our Chandler Dental Office for regular checkups, so that we can help you enjoy a beautiful smile and excellent oral health. So, what are you waiting for? Visit us today and start impressing your friends with a brand new smile!