Did you know that teeth naturally darken as we age? Even certain foods, coffee, and tea as well smoking may cause a darker, yellowed or stained smile.  However, a single professional whitening session could erase years of stains and sustain those results for many years with the recommended maintenance. Dr. Paul Varda and his amazing team at Valley Dental Care know how important a bright white smile is and will help you achieve the results you want.

Why Whiten Your Teeth?

In today’s selfie crazed world, teeth whitening is one of the most requested cosmetic services, and its popularity is only increasing.

Ross Teeth Whitening - Valley Dental Care Chandler AZWhile your teeth shouldn’t glow in the dark, remember the Friends episode where Ross whitens his teeth, beautiful natural looking whitened teeth can brighten anyone’s day.

Benefits of whitening your teeth include:

  • Boost In Your Self Confidence
  • Appear Younger Looking
  • Removes Years of Coffee and Smoking Stains
  • Leads to Better Oral Hygiene
  • Overall Happiness, Because You Smile More

Is Professional Teeth Whitening Better?

Stroll down any toothpaste aisle in any grocery store, and you are bombarded by the latest over-the-counter teeth whiteners.  This assortment may leave you wondering if you need to shell out the money to have your teeth whitened professionally.  But here are some reasons Chandler AZ’s Valley Dental believe you should have a dentist like Dr. Varda whiten your teeth.

Over the counter, whiteners don’t have the same potency as a professional treatment and will not remove many common stains.

A dentist can evaluate if a whitening treatment will work for your situation. This will not only save you time and money but also spot any other issues that may be going on with your teeth.

Not only are you getting the best results possible with professional treatment, but it is also just as convenient as a store-bought whitening system. You will get a custom designed teeth whitening kit to take home and use whenever is best for your schedule.

 Is One Visit All You Need?

Depending on the discoloration of your teeth will determine how many treatments you will need. A professional whitening done in the office will consist of the delicately managed use of a moderately high-concentration peroxide gel. Once the gums have a protective a paint-on rubber dam applied, the gel then is put on the teeth by the dentist or other trained staff member.  Ordinarily, the peroxide remains on the teeth for several 15 to 20-minute intervals that add up to an hour (at most). If you have particularly stubborn staining, it may be advised to return for one or more extra bleaching sessions or may be asked to continue with a home-use system.

Professional take-home kits consist of a simple to apply gel with a lower-concentration of peroxide that may stay on the teeth for an hour, sometimes longer or even overnight. Gel with lower peroxide levels may safely remain on the teeth longer. The gel is applied to teeth using custom-made bleaching trays commonly resembling mouth guards.

Why Choose Valley Dental Care

Valley Dental Care, the top dentist in Chandler, AZ houses a compassionate and involved staff. Dr. Paul Varda and staff offer a wide range of dental services and procedures.  Want to experience the Valley Dental Care difference? Call our office at  480-897-2483 today for an appointment. We cannot wait to help you!