What Is the All on Four Dental Implants Procedure?

All on Four is a way for those who have dentures or need dentures in the future to get permanent, reliable implants instead of removable plates. This option is available to people in good health who want to get their teeth replaced in one appointment, rather than returning over and over to the dentist. The surgery for the All on Four procedure only takes about two and a half hours at your Chandler, AZ, dentist’s office.

The advantages of All on Four implants include:

  • Forgetting about adhesive, cleaning dentures or removing teeth
  • Letting you chew more forcefully
  • Preventing deterioration in the jawbone
  • Increasing your comfort levels

The big difference between All on Four and other teeth replacement is just four implants are needed per arch, or two to four fewer than traditional procedures. The dentist angles these implants so they draw on the natural support in your jawbone. In most cases, you do not need bone grafts.

The Advantage Over Traditional Implants

Your dentist may recommend the All on Four dental procedure for several reasons. In addition to being more time-effective, it’s also often cheaper than getting traditional implants, which appeals to many of our patients. We also believe All on Four provides more reliability in the long term.

The implants look so natural no one will realize they’re not your real teeth. Our lab technicians craft teeth that look and feel like real ones. You will wear a temporary set of teeth for a few months while your permanent ones are made. At that point, you’ll have had time to realize the benefits of trading in your dentures.

Your new teeth won’t require any special cleaning procedures like your dentures did. You just brush and floss as usual.

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Where Can I Find an All on Four Dentist Near Me?

You’re in luck. At our Chandler, AZ, office, our dentist can perform the All on Four procedure. Contact Valley Dental Care today to set up an appointment.

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