Do You Need Emergency Dental Care in Chandler, AZ?

Emergencies strike when you least expect them. You’re at a soccer tournament where your daughter chips a tooth. Your mother-in-law knocks out a tooth in a nasty fall. You’re driving to an important meeting when a crown plops onto your lap.

At Valley Dental Care, we know you need this emergency dental work taken care of quickly near your Chandler, AZ, home. That’s why we provide emergency dentist services, including root canal and tooth extraction. Whatever your need, we can help you get it taken care of fast so you can return to your busy everyday life without giving that problematic tooth a second thought.

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Why Make an Emergency Dental Appointment?

Emergency Dental Care in Chandler AZ - Valley Dental Care

In Chandler and many other places across Arizona, emergency rooms don’t handle dental problems. You need to go to a dentist for any mouth-related emergencies. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring a sudden dental problem. You run the risk of turning a smaller problem, such as a chipped tooth, into a bigger one, such as a broken tooth, if you wait to take action because you’re too busy or you don’t know where to find urgent dental care in Chandler.

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

We often hear from our patients that they’re reluctant to contact us because they’re not sure they have a true dental emergency. We reassure them it’s better to call us with a small problem than do nothing. We can advise you whether you need to come in for an appointment or if you can hold off until your next checkup.

Here are a few of the most common dental emergencies and what you can do to treat them until you can make it into our office:

  • Tooth loss: When a permanent tooth has been knocked out, rinse it off, holding it by the top and not the root, and try to reinsert it in the hole. If you can’t, store it in milk or water.
  • Toothache: Clean the area around the aching tooth, and apply a cold compress if your face is swelling. Do NOT apply aspirin to the affected tooth or gum.
  • Broken tooth: Recover any fragments of the tooth, if possible. Wash out the area around it, and put a cold compress on the jaw.
  • Canker sores: We recommend using an over-the-counter treatment for temporary relief.

Call Your Emergency Dentist in Chandler, AZ

For emergency dental care in Chandler, AZ you can trust, call our dental practice immediately to set up an appointment. We’ll get you in and get you treated right away.

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