Valley Dental Care: Your Chandler, AZ, Family Dental Practice

What do you want from your family dentist? Are you looking for one who is patient with children, understands the needs of busy families and offers a wide variety of procedures — from wisdom teeth removal to checkups to cosmetic dentistry? Is it important to you that your dentist stay up to date on the latest advances in dental technology? Do you need a place that offers sedation for family members who get nervous about seeing the dentist?

That’s a long wish list, but at Valley Dental Care we check off all those boxes. We’re a family dental practice in Chandler, AZ with a caring and knowledgeable dentist in Dr. Andrew Lewis. He’s surrounded by an experienced, well-trained staff who make setting up appointments, paying for dental care and routine checkups a breeze.

We believe a healthy smile is the beginning of a healthy body. We keep that smile dazzling with a wide array of dental services to assist you and your family.

Why Choose Our Chandler Family Dental Care Practice?

Our dental office is a vital part of the Chandler, AZ, community. We’re involved in the local community, and we love being able to offer our patients the care they need without worrying about fulfilling the sort of corporate mandates handed down by large national companies without these local roots.

After you’ve had a procedure, our staff follows up with personalized after-care instructions. We check on you to make sure you’re feeling okay. We understand a healthy mouth isn’t just about aesthetics. A beautiful smile can improve your comfort and lifestyle, giving you new confidence in social interactions.

What Services Do We Offer at Our Chandler Family Dental Practice?

We provide a number of services to benefit you and your family, including:

Let Us Solve Your Dental Problems

We can take care of your dental needs, from checkups to tooth extractions, in a timely manner and stay within your budget. If your are looking for the best dental office in Chandler AZ near the 85226 and 85225 area, Call our Chandler office now to set up an initial consultation.